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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Covered with glory?

Having finalised my playlist for my show tonight I settled down with the headphones on to listen to Mick belt out an hour of the finest 60's Mod and Soul scorchers. Now given that Mick plays Mod and Soul and I play Reggae (and Stuff) you would have thought the chances of us having the same song in our playlist - on the same evening too - would be pretty remote. Not so, it seems! 

Happily bouncing away to Mick's cracking tunes I heard the unmistakeable sound of The Temptations with this absolute corker:

A song which by sheer fluke also happened to be in my playlist! As it is (probably) very bad radio-form to have the same song in consecutive shows I would normally have made a hasty alteration and slotted in another tune. But tonight I didn't do that: partly because I'm lazy and stubborn but also because the version I was playing was this one:

I'm an absolute sucker for a good cover version and this version is, I think, sufficiently different from the original for me to get away with playing it within an hour of Mick playing it. It's also an absolute belter of a track too, which helps! 

My Reggae (and Stuff) show next weekend will be a Cover Versions Special - an hour (or more!) of familiar tunes given a reggae / ska makeover. Should be fun, hope you can join us.


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