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Monday, 18 February 2013

Band of the Month: March 2013

That's right folks, each month one of the presenters of Fusion gets to highlight a band for their lovely listeners. This time it's my turn (Nikki of Everything and the Kitchen Sink). Now I am clearly not awesome when it comes to blogging and stuff. But if you have ever listened to the show you know that's it's an eclectic mayhem of music! So coming from The Great White North (also known as Canada) I tend to put Canadian bands in the show.
                        Fusion's Band of the Month feature is the musician Cactus Vella.

 The greatest thing about this is that I get to talk about not only Cactus Vella's solo project but he is the guitarist in some of my favourite Toronto punk bands. Cactus Vella has been around in the Toronto Punk scene since the early 90's,and continues to play in Sinkin' Ships, Class Assassins and The Whiskey Hearts Collective.
One of my favourtie things about any musician is when they push the boundaries of their own music. Cactus Vella plays in some amazing hardcore punk rock bands, but who is to say that you can't go and record a gritty acoustic punk rock album?  And he did just that. So here's a couple of clips of his acoustic stylings.

                                                                  Cactus Vella

   This is the music video for his single called Touch The Ground off his acoustic album  Sailin' On. If you like it, why not check out his bandcamp page right here >

And because I am a sucker for my punk rock as you all know here's a video of  The Sinkin' Ships! This is off their album Mayday recorded in 2004. But really, it's an album that remains current in 2013.In fact, I play a fair amount of Sinkin' Ships on EatKS. The Sinkin' Ships have been kicking some punk rock ass since the early 90's and will be putting out some new material this year. So keep your eyes peeled folks. And yes they have a bandcamp as well. So check it out! Right here >

The Sinkin' Ships 
 Last but not least the Toronto punk rock band The Class Assassins! The Class Assassins have been around since 2001. But folks don't let that fool you. The members of this band, come from a long pedigree of Toronto punk rock band awesomeness. Bands members are from Bitter Grin, Hockey Teeth, Direct Action, Sinkin' Ships just to name a few. And if you know your Toronto punk rock you know that this is pretty damn awesome. I heard through the grape vine that The Class Assassins are also working on a new single. But you can check out their bandcamp right here >

The Class Assassins

Cactus Vella and some Sinkin' Ships were played on the last Everything and the Kitchen Sink.. and wait for it... yes another damn link for you folks!

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