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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Fusion changing the way your ears hear!

      Nikki of Everything and the Kitchen Sink's newest rant on Fusiononair

You want the most recent updates? You want to know what's playing and who? Better get yourself a twitter and follow..........


Fusion is about a collaboration of DJ's and Hobbyists DJ's ( I call myself a radio host and I stick by that!).We all do this in our spare time and completely for the love of sharing our love of music with you, the listener. So first up let me introduce you to the Fusiononair group.

First we have the awesome Mighty Mick. Now Mick is a very eclectic man. He'll spin hip shaking, bouncing mod and soul that will shake your soul. But Mick is a man of varied taste so sometimes if your lucky you'll hear him spinning mixes of current unsigned bands, dabbling in the ska, soul and some of the more popular bands. Mick's spining time is Sundays but you might find him spinning the occasional Saturday. Again people go to that damn twitter and follow it! 

Following the Mighty Mick is the Oracle of Ska and Reggae  Rich. Yeah I called him the Oracle of Ska and Reggae. I challenge you to find someone more knowledge based on a global level when it comes to Ska and Reggae. It ain't gonna happen. So if you want to get a proper schooling on some serious reggae and ska tunes you really need listen to Rich. When does the Oracle of Ska and Reggae spin? Well if your damn lucky it's on Sundays. And again follow on the twitter folks....

Now that is Saturday and Sunday kinda covered for your live listening pleasure... But what about the rest of the week? Well I am getting to that... damn it!

So it's a Friday night and you don't wanna go out. TV is shit..... Well Fusiononair has the remedy for you. Big Jim Cambo spins on Friday night with a show called An Alternative Friday Night In. Jim will spin various genres but he is very keen on the indie scene.Follow that man on twitter you won't be disappointed.

Last but not least is the Great Gray with his Music Nuptials. Every Tuesday and Thursday. A little bit of old, a little bit of new, something borrowed and something blue. A very eclectic show with requests from the twitter listeners in his show. Again Follow cause that's how you get the updates.

I want to give a big welcome to the newest members of the Fusion Family Rob and Tom  (we are sorted bunch indeed)

 Friday nights just got EVEN better!  That's right Tom from Ireland is armed with a "Fistful of Records" (it's not a coincidence that his show is called that as well! Tom spins an eclectic mess of music that you won't hear anywhere else. Follow Tom on his twitter for updates for when the shows are and other nonsense. 

Also a shout out to the man Rob who spins some of the greatest mod and soul around. Folks you will need your paper and pen because I am guaranteed that he will spin some gems that your ears have never heard.  Now Rob is a busy man and we are super happy when he can spin a show for fusion. You wanna know when he spins? Well follow his twitter. (You seeing a theme here yet?)  @Nit3owl64

 There might be more hosts/DJs in the future folks so keep your eyes and ears peeled.

And then there is my show. Everything and the Kitchen Sink.  Yeah that. So what the hell do I do?
 Well .. if the name doesn't say it all I spin a very eclectic mix of punk/ska/indie/rockabilly/acoustic/blues/dub  and everything in between. Because I am the only Canuck in this collaboration I tend to play quite a few unsigned Canadian bands. But one thing is always guaranteed with me; I am so obsessed with Joe Strummer that you will get Joe Strummer x3 in every damn show.
From the 101 er's, The Clash, Joe and the Latino Rockabilly War, or The Mescalero's or him playing with The Pogues.. < Yeah it's gonna be in the show for sure. Sometimes I do band interviews.
*a disclaimer, I make shit loads of mistakes, I swear, and I make no apologies for my nonsense.*

Currently Everything and the Kitchen Sink is on sabbatical. But if you want to be in the know
 follow me on twitter cause that's the only way you'll know when I do a show @eatks

                                          THIS IS FUSION.... NOT MAINSTREAM RADIO

Happy listening folks.

Nikki xxxxxxxxx

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